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What Are You Skating Towards in 2012?

Quid Tum – What next? is a declaration of our faith in the future, in the power of human ingenuity. It encompasses passion, curiosity, exploration, truth seeking. As readers will know, this blog is about the power of creativity and … Read More

What Will You be Reading for the Holidays?

Each year David Mitchell President of Public Policy Forum asks a number of Canadians what they will be reading over the holidays.  This year the results were published in the Books section of the Globe and Mail (Saturday December 17). … Read More

Vancouver seeks TED prize

"The physical design of cities and their economic functions are secondary to their relationship to the natural environment and to the spiritual values of human community." Lewis Mumford Half the world's population of 7 billion live in cities.  Another 2 … Read More

Natural Care Webinar

The capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest meaning and significance. Pablo Casals The slide-deck for my webinar, Natural Care – It’s In our Nature, is now available on line. I offer some definitions. Natural freely given … Read More

Donald MacPherson – Swerving Around the War on Drugs

I liken Donald MacPherson to Thomas Clarkson the original community organizer.  Clarkson was the unassuming, tireless workhorse behind the successful 18th century campaign to end the British slave trade.  Donald is the legendary community organizer behind the 4 Pillars Drug … Read More

33 Revolutions Per Minute – A Nod to John Lennon

Pop music helps resist oppression.  Change, protest and movements are usually accompanied by songtracks. We Shall Overcome was introduced to Martin Luther King by Pete Seeger and it became an anthem for those resisting racist oppression in the 60's.  I … Read More

Taking Care – It’s In Our Nature

Natural care is heart work, accompanied by joy, grace, and tenderness.  It can also be messy, unyielding and decidedly unglamorous.  And it is playing teeter totter with an elephant. Natural care is the topic of a webinar I will be … Read More

BC’s Advisory Council on Social Entrepreneurship Releases Interim Report

Together: Respecting the Future is now on-line. You can access and comment on the draft report using Google Docs. To download a full copy of the Draft Recommendations click here. This draft report represents the current thinking of members … Read More

Imagine Canada – Standing Still, Leaping Boldly

I've always been partial to imagination as opposed to dreams.  Imagination has an element of intentionality, of agency. Dreams start too far back in the unconscious for me. Bold leaps of imagination inspire bold actions. This sense of purpose and … Read More

Caledon’s Tribute to Tom Kent

I became aware of Tom Kent a seminal figure in the development of Canadian social policy just after I moved to Halifax in the 1970's.  At the time he chaired the Cape Breton Development Corporation establishing the model of regional … Read More