Yearly Archives: 2011

Pre-Occupy Post-Occupy

"Democratic governance must evolve rapidly if it is to guide us through our social and environmental challenges. We require a deeper, more integrated form of democracy."  John Richardson Founder Party 'X' The lingering memory of a recent Paul Hawken speech … Read More

Linda Perry’s Big Picture is Priceless

Linda Perry’s feet are planted as solidly on this earth as anyone I know.  This means she can simultaneously keep her ear to the ground while at the same time keeping her eyes on the big picture.  These two vantage … Read More

BC Innovation Summit to be Broadcast Live

On November 25, 500 social innovators will gather at Vancouver's new Convention Centre for BC's first Non-Profit Partnership Summit: Collective Impact through Social Innovation. The event, hosted by the BC Government, has been designed to stimulate conversation among business, labour, … Read More

Implementing Shannen’s Dream: Inspiring Approaches through Changemakers

15 year old Shannen Koostachin of Attawapiskat First Nation in Ontario had a dream – to go to a real school.  A school that was safe and comfy, offering culturally based education for herself and her classmates.  She led a … Read More

War Horse – They Shot Horses Too

War Horse  is the best play I've ever seen – meaningful, disturbing, and persistent.   Others agree.  In December 2010, War Horse was dubbed "the theatrical event of the decade" by The Times  and it welcomed its millionth visitor at its … Read More

The Solution to Misplaced Humility

Another creative piece from the talented author, commentator and founder of Informed Opinions – Shari Graydon.  

Survival of the Kindest

Charles Darwin believed that kindness, sympathy, empathy,and compassion for all life both human and non human was the highest moral achievement. "Looking at humans, as a naturalist would at any other mamiferous animal, it may be concluded that they have … Read More

Social Gold: Ted Jackson’s Financing Strategies for Non-Profits in a Turbulent World

Ted Jackson, community organizer, fellow Frontier College alumni and Professor at Carleton University presented the following speech at the 52nd annual meeting of the Quinte West Association for Community Living.  A comprehensive analysis and call to action relevant for all … Read More

Happy Birthday John McKnight

It’s early September and I really should be downstairs at work.   But the morning sun has attracted a golden finch to the railing.  And juice from an Okanagan freestone peach is sticking to my bearded chin. John McKnight in autumn … Read More

Future Quotient – Loving Future Generations

200 Japanese pensioners volunteered to begin the cleanup of the Fukushima power plant earlier this year.  The self-proclaimed 'Skilled Veterans Corp,' asserted that they, not younger people, should risk radiation because, "they are more likely to die of natural causes … Read More