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In the beginning was a caring relationship – building back better (third in a series)

With apologies to the gospel in the beginning wasn’t the word, it was a caring relationship. In 2001 the 530,000 year old partial skeleton of a 12 year old girl was discovered in Spain. The shape of her skull indicated … Read More

Caring is the Common Ground of Democracy

Barrack Obama, in a thoughtful reflective conversation with my favourite American writer Marilynne Robinson, said that his biggest frustration as a politician was not being able to close the gap between the basic decency and essential goodness of the American … Read More

Caring Makes the World go Round

There is a direct link between caring for each other and caring for our planet. Caring is that invisible but indispensable force that connects us to each other and to all forms of life. Caring reminds us that we belong, … Read More

‘C’ is for Canada – ‘C’ is for Caring (1)

It's time to put caring on the public policy agenda in Canada. By caring I mean the natural, freely giving care providing by individuals, families, friends and social networks.  The fact is, more care is provided in Canada by families … Read More

Disability Digest #4 (January 30 – February 5)

Cartoon copyright John Callahan Dear Reader Disability is written out of history either by ignoring the contributions of persons with disability or by separating their disability from their contributions. This issue of the Disability Digest is still in beta mode … Read More

Renegotiating the social contract – building back better (second in a series)

The pandemic has revealed that a caring society is a do-it-together, not a do-it yourself, project. And that government and civil society in partnership makes it so. … Read More

The world needs more community organizers – building back better (first in a series)

The phrase “build back better” is being used to capture the determination and desire of politicians and activists alike to come out of the pandemic with a more just, equitable, accessible and inclusive society. The phrase, adapted from a 2015 … Read More

Forget Your Perfect Offering

First a reminder that our Power of Disability Concert takes place this Saturday May 9th at 7:00 eastern. Entertainers include the lead clown for Cirque du Soleil, a comedian with White House experience, award winning singers, storytellers, hip hop artists … Read More

If Terror was Temperature

During the Easter weekend Carla Qualtrough the federal Minister of Employment and Disability Inclusion created a Covid-19 Disability Advisory group. Here is why it matters. It’s been a tough four weeks for the disability community. Over and above everyone’s general … Read More

Love During Adversity is a Powerful Combination

I’ve noticed three different states of mind related to the Covid-19 virus. 1) OMG this is a disaster. Somebody, anybody, please do something. 2) The people in authority are best positioned to tell us what to do. 3) The situation … Read More