Belonging a 21st Century Challenge

Here is an excerpt from a recent breakfast presentation sponsored by Metro Vancouver.  I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Catherine Clement and Lidia Kemeny, two leading philanthropists with the Vancouver Foundation. Illustration opposite courtesy my talented Australian friend Paul … Read More

BC Ideas – Seeking Innovative Responses to Social Challenges

For the past year I’ve been part of a group developing BC Ideas – a web based, crowd sourcing platform seeking innovative solutions to some of British Columbia’s tough social and environmental challenges. All ideas welcome. No idea too big … Read More

Joe Clark’s Advice for Social Innovators – Marry Imagination with Mandate

At a recent Public Policy Forum dinner honouring Canada's six living former Prime Ministers, Joe Clark spoke about the critical talents required for a changing world. It is a world in which non – governmental organizations may have more power … Read More

BC Social Innovation Council releases final report

The BC Social Innovation Council released its final report, Action Plan Recommendations to Maximize Social Innovation in British Columbia, on Friday April 27th.  Here is the report. The eleven recommendations are meant to enhance the work of social innovators and … Read More

Consider this: there are more First Nations youth in government care today than at the height of the residential school travesty in Canada funding for on -reserve schools is 25 per cent less than funding for public schools and only … Read More

Big Changes in the Ability World

My blog has been silent these past two weeks because I've been engaged in confidential negotiations with the federal government associated with their recent budget. I'm now in a position to make an informal announcement.  Full details will be released … Read More

Caroline Casey – What Am I Skating Towards? A Global Disability Business Movement

I am in Ireland at Ashoka's massive Change Nation initiative (more on this soon).  One of the organizers is Caroline Casey an Ashoka fellow and force of nature.  Here is Caroline's response to What Are You Skating Towards in 2012?   … Read More

What Are You Skating Towards? The Complete Essay Collection now Available

I am always attracted to unoccupied space. Realms where the dominant culture has not advanced its patriarchal or empire narrative."writes Peter Block in the collection What Are You Skating Towards in 2012? His essay is one of 60 which begins … Read More

Charles Holmes – What Am I Skating Towards? Wish People and Wish Organizations

This is Charles Holmes' response to What are you skating towards in 2012?                                                                                  Wish People and Wish Organizations MY QUESTION FOR 2012: Am I working with wish people and wish organizations? A few days ago I received a touching … Read More