On Poverty

A Canadian town where no one was poor, 3rd, On Poverty

"Once upon a time in Canada, there was a town where no one was poor."  So begins a 2009 report by Dr. Evelyn Forget who assessed the effects on health of a guaranteed annual income for the town. That might … Read More

Fighting the Crime of Poverty: The Life Work of Dr. Fred MacKinnon, 2nd, On Poverty

“The sad and unfortunate fact is that we continue to view poverty as the fault of the individual and ignore the social and economic systems and mechanisms that are so often responsible for it.”              … Read More

Eliminating Poverty – Senator Hugh Segal and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, 1st, On Poverty

In a meeting with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty just before Christmas to discuss the recommendations of the Social Finance Task Force he asked whether we had also spoken with Senator Hugh Segal about them.  Hearing we hadn’t, he immediately asked … Read More