On Poverty

Imagine a Country Where No One Is Poor

Imagine a country where kids don’t have to go to school hungry. Imagine there are no homeless people. Imagine working for a living and not having to rely on food banks. More than one hundred Canadian Mayors and Councilors do. … Read More

Economic Citizenship – Setting the post-RDSP agenda

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) enables Canadians with disabilities to do something most of us take for granted, save money. Already the accumulated amount in registered plans across Canada exceeds $2 billion. By itself, this is not enough to … Read More

Maytree Foundation: Creating a Stronger Canada, 12th, On Poverty

Want to read 50 great ideas for protecting vulnerable Canadians while contributing to Canada's prosperity?  Then have a look at the Maytree Foundation's, just released Charting Prosperity: Practical Ideas for a Stronger Canada.  It stems from Maytree's belief that: Poverty … Read More

Jean Swanson – Standing Up to Poor Bashing, 11th, On Poverty

Jean Swansen knows poor people and their tremendous capability to stretch a dollar and to survive with next to nothing.  She also has a clear, steady eye for the structural causes of their poverty.  She is not fooled by studies, … Read More

Paul Born’s Convening – A Prologue To Trust, 10th, On Poverty

The best hosts preside over dinners, conversations, salons, interviews, broadcasts, town hall forums, dialogues and meetings with a style that brings out the best in everyone.  Paul Born is one of them. He'd be right up there with Martha Stewart, … Read More

Herb Barbolet – Eating for a Living, 9th, on Poverty

"Something happens to people who plant seeds- it is impossible to watch a plant grow and flourish without getting a sense of the miracle of all life."               -Herb Barbolet Herb Barbolet is the Wayne Gretzky of healthy local food.  Decades … Read More

Patsy George – A Happy Social Worker Has No Analysis. 8th, On Poverty

Patsy George is the social worker we all wish we could be.  She has spent more than four decades pursuing social and economic justice in Canada and globally.  She worked for the provincial government in British Columbia for most of … Read More

The Dignity Project of the Salvation Army, 7th, on Poverty

There is no dignity in poverty, in not being able to feed your kids, in not providing them with the essentials, in worrying how to take care of your family, in struggling to survive, in being blamed for being poor, … Read More

The Homeless Hub, 6th, On Poverty

Research, reflection, data, measurement are not seen as glamorous pursuits when tackling poverty or its accompanying challenge – homelessness. Unless it's in the hands of Stephen Gaetz, Associate Dean of Education and Director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, York … Read More

A Saharan Food Desert – John Stapleton’s Poverty Fighting Research, 5th On Poverty

You have to be rich to be poor.  The poorer you are the more things cost. Imagine living where you cannot buy healthy affordable food?  Where retail food chains, if they haven't deserted your area, charge you more for fruit, … Read More