(Spoken Word created from the words of Al Etmanski, Claudia Li, Donald Macpherson, Mike Harcourt, Jason Mogus, Tamara Vrooman, and Claire Mortifee)

Do you ever think about life? Hear the words we say, honour this time for balance. I feel the pull, do you? Celebrate our artistry in making this world a better place. Crossing waters from Nova Scotia to PEI to UN forums. Movements are bigger than a brand. What are our stories? Raising shit! The one person who doesn’t give up. Accidental activists navigate to rebuke systems continue to raise shit to actively resist. Light gets in through cracks, sometimes coffins show up in city halls. Rubber hits the road there.

Legacy giants among us, even in villages and cultural bubbles. What do you think? I think we see all cycles that destroy the earth. I think we see all cycles that re-build the earth. Look at values in terms of change. We teach what we most need to learn. We are closer to the spirit of freedom than we think. Social entrepreneurs say yes! Networks transform resilient, adaptable radical containers. Lighthouse keepers solve the wicked problems that define our age. Take on governments and industries – don’t worry, keep transforming to livable sustainable cities – cities of big ideas – there are different ways for big ideas. Let’s talk about money. Think about how we mobilize it for social change. So many things influence our world – think about how we allocate our capital and how small amounts can make big change.

Incubate ideas – you never know which idea tips the scale – blows our minds – moves those spirit canoes in harmony. Do you ever think about life?

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