(Altered Erasure informed by, “Introduction,” Impact: six patterns to spread your social innovation, by Al Etmanski)

I want to change the world!
I hit a brick wall.
Fierce paradigm eroded, forgotten paradox, poverty, pollution, solutions –
mind bombs what I want.
I confess, was told I have MS. Made the invisible visible. Still learning to selfheal!
Allusions, metaphors, chip on shoulders, desire for justice.
Me – warrior dragon – set out to slay…
What’s going to happen to our sons and daughters when we die?
Who’s going to love me when my parents die?
Existential crisis.
No dent in profound loneliness. Renew social change.
Pure and life giving.
Stop doing things the same way.
Become the catalyst for a renaissance.
Address the roots of an issue, not just symptoms.
Human ingenuity in the face of adversity.
Deep roots are resistant.
Fragile in new ideas.
Be wise travelers in spirit canoes.
Through sharing – insight emerges,
patterns uncover obstacles, powerful strangers, and doorways.
Think and act like a movement,
create a container,
cultivate relationships,
mobilize my power.
Push my mind through.
Empathy. Empathy. Empathy.
Maturity nourishes,
replenishes my spirit.
Humility to admit
my limitations and fears.
Resurrect the ordinary transforming world.
As a wise traveler – I – the passionate amateur –
innovates out of love, necessity, curiosity, creativity.
Try. Play. Trust. Take a leap of faith!
Something will emerge…
imagined for you, for me, for us.
Let’s not quit.

MEHAROONA GHANI, PRINCIPAL, M. Ghani M. Ghani Consulting
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